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Create Your Own Quara

Here's your chance to recognize your spouse, co-worker, potato boss, teacher, children, siblings, friends, parents, quanCREW...You get a Quara! You get a Quara! You get a Quara!

Enter your award title (can exceed 20 characters) or email us: Sales@LazerLadies.com

We will work with you to design the Quara that perfectly captures your QuaranXperience (patent pending). 

Production Time:  Does it matter? You're not going anywhere, J/K.  We will ship as quickly as possible, less than a week. Email us if you have an in-hands date requirement: sales@LazerLadies.com

Shipping: FREE  Yes, ground shipping is free because #SocialDistancing.  Need it faster?  Expedited shipping fees may apply, email us: sales@LazerLadies.com

YOU Did Good! Pat yourself on the back (wash your hands first!).  Thanks to our partners at Three Square, your purchase will help feed a community: 1 medallion=15 meals/ 1 trophy=30 meals.  For reals, your purchase will make a difference for a family in need.  Don't believe us?  Check it out: Three Square  

$ 15.00

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