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For the Home

Remember when all you wanted to do was spend some time at home?  Today is the day, awesome! The quarantine life is a chance to earn some recognition for all you do...and don't do.  We applaud you either way. 

And if your home now suddenly doubles as your office, check out some awards For the Office, CLICK HERE


If these don't capture the true essence of your quarantine experience, you can create your own: CLICK HERE

Production Time:  Does it matter? You're not going anywhere, J/K.  We will ship as quickly as possible, less than a week. Email us if you have an in-hands date requirement: sales@LazerLadies.com

Shipping: FREE  Yes, ground shipping is free because #SocialDistancing.  Need it faster?  Expedited shipping fees may apply, email us: sales@LazerLadies.com

YOU Did Good! Pat yourself on the back (wash your hands first!).  Thanks to our partners at Three Square, your purchase will help feed a community: 1 medallion=15 meals/ 1 trophy=30 meals.  For reals, your purchase will make a difference for a family in need.  Don't believe us?  Check it out: Three Square  


$ 10.00

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