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Marine Devil Dog

Marine WWI Devil Dog

Representing a WWI Marine Chauchat gunner in action, late 1918.  He wears the AEF M1917 khaki drab uniform typically worn without collar insignia.  His primary weapon is the French Chauchat (CSRG) machine gun and his sidearm is the Colt .45 pistol.  His backpack is lightly loaded for the assault and he carries extra 20 round magazines for the Chauchat in a French-made haversack.  His gasmask, worn in the ‘ready’ position, his helmet and gear is all U.S. issue.


  • Limited Edition
  • Bronze Over Resin
  • Hand Finished
  • Authentic Detail
  • Individual Serial Numbers
  • Extreme Realism
  • 7 Inch Height, 1/10 Scale
  • Height 12.5 Inches,1/6 Scale
  • Weight 5lbs approx.

$ 150.00

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