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U.S. Paratrooper Ravenoville, Normandy D-Day Plus 1

U.S. 101st Paratrooper impression represents a PFC rifleman engaged in fighting around Ravenoville, France on D-Day Plus 1.  Based on photographs and film shot by Signal Corps photographer Reuben A Weiner and 101st Paratrooper Forrest L Guth.  PFC Ollie ‘Sonny’ Barrington Jr. of Texas is the likeness for the statue.  Barrington fought at D-Day, Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge, making the ultimate sacrifice for freedom when he was killed in action on the 20th of December 1944.


  • Limited Edition
  • Bronze Over Resin
  • Hand Finished
  • Authentic Detail
  • Individual Serial Numbers
  • Extreme Realism
  • 7 Inch Height, 1/10 Scale
  • Height 12.5 Inches,1/6 Scale
  • Weight 5lbs approx.

$ 150.00

Proof will be emailed for final approval.

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